Long story short, I can buy a 1993 Eurovan Weekender with a pop-top for $2000. Not the Winnebago version with the kitchen. Here's the deal.


- Cheap!

- Engine sounds okay, brakes and suspension seem fine (I can deal with those problems if any)

- pop-top looks good, folding bed and table too


- Automatic transmission. It works fine but they have a reputation for getting stuck in safe mode


- Rust: floors and frame rails look okay for a German van that lived 21 years in the north east. The subframe and trailing arm mounting points look okay. The fender lips are crusty and the rocker panels are really bad. I poked my finger through the driver door metal sill.... Also, 2 diagonal frame extensions in the front corners going to the bumper are gone.

- Two-tone paint job where the bottom half coincides with the problematic body cancer


- In this condition it should be worth $4-5000. It was originally $3k but when I hesitated, the used car dealer quickly dropped the price by $1000, which makes it smell very fishy. "This car won't last long, plenty of callers, don't miss this opportunity!". He's willing to lose $1000 just to not deal with it? Furthermore, I turned it down yesterday and the guy called me an hour ago, with this attitude as if I should be ashamed of myself. I can't stand pressure sales tactics.

I'm worried that I something is going on to explain the price drop. I do my own mechanical work and worse thing's worse, I could part it for some decent money. The desirable parts are the ones difficult to ship, i.e. top, interior panels, ...


Should I run to it, or away from it?